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Hunting offer

Szprotawa Forest District is a part of 4th Breeding Area. Hunting economy is implemented by 10 hunting circuits (2 forest and 8 field circuits). 9 circuits are leased by hunts and 1 circuit is excluded from lease as Animal Breeding Centre.

The priority of hunting economy at the Animal Breeding Centre is protection of game and management of its resources in accordance with the principles of ecology and correct forest economy. Hunting circuit no. 216 – Animal Breeding Centre is managed by Szprotawa Forest District Inspectorate.  

Hunting economy in Szprotawa Forest District is implemented by the following hunts:

  • "Święty Eustachy" Gościeszowice Hunt – circuit no. 202,

  • "Darz Bór" Przemków Hunt – circuit no. 203,

  • "Daniel" Szprotawa Hunt – circuit no. 204 and 215,

  • "Bóbr" Małomice Hunt – circuit no. 205,

  • "Artemida" Kobyłka Hunt – circuit no. 206,

  • "Wrzos" Zielona Góra Hunt – circuit no. 207,

  • "Sęp" Przemków Hunt – circuit no. 214,

  • "Lis" Bytom Odrzański Hunt – circuit no. 217,

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