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Nature Parks

Nature parks are areas protected due to their unique landscape, diverse ecosystems and valuable for their tourist and leisure attractions or the function of a wildlife corridor.

Szprotawa Forest District includes fragments of 5 nature parks. The nature parks are:

  •  „Dolina Bobru" (Bóbr Valley) – it is a wildlife corridor of national importance with area of 13 131 ha (including 2616 ha within Szprotawa Forest District). The park includes 3 communes: Żagań, Małomice and Szprotawa. Most of its area is covered by "Park Słowiański" Landscape Nature Protected Area valued for its exceptional scenic beauty. The area is protected to preserve the landscape of Bóbr Urstromtal, the area of exceptional natural and scenic values.

Bóbr Valley. By Jerzy Wilanowski

  • Wzgórza Dalkowskie" (Dalkowskie Hills) – the hills stretch out for 100 km between Żarskie Hills in the west and Ścinawska Depression in the east. The area is adjacent to Głogowska Urstromtal in the north and Szprotawska Plain and Lubińska High Plain in the south. The area is barely forested but has some sparse mixed forests including Pine and Oak, with tree stands including Beech, Oak, Pine, Ash, Spruce, Alder and Birch located mainly on hills.

  •  „Dolina Brzeźnicy" (Brzeźnica Valley) – the park is located in Brzeźnica commune and covers the area of 2542 ha, including 435 ha within Szprotawa Forest District.

  • Dolina Szprotawki" " (Szprotawka Valley) – its entire area amounts to 5570 ha, including over 608 ha within Szprotawa Forest District and includes two communes – Niegosławice and Szprotawa. 

  •  „Bory Dolnośląskie" (Lower Silesian Wilderness) – the park covers the area of 26 223 ha, including 238 ha within Szprotawa Forest District. The park includes two communes – Żagań and Małomice, Śliwnik Forest Range, western part of Leszno Górne Forest Range, Małomice Forest Range, southern part of Stara Kopernia Forest Range and western part of Witków Forest Range. Lower Silesian Wilderness is located between Żarskie Hills and Dalkowskie Hills in the north and Izerskie Foothills in the south. The area is adjacent to Szprotawska Plain, Lubińska High Plain, Legnicka Plain and Chojnowska Plain in the east.

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Sale of wood

Sale of wood

Szprotawa Forest District Inspectorate sells timber, seeds, seedlings and Christmas trees (before Christmas). Timber is sold to retail customers based on terms and conditions of sale, at the office of Forest District Inspectorate and at offices of individual Forest Ranges.

Sale of timber

Timber sold includes 3 categories of thickness and the following tree species are sold: Pine, Larch, Spruce, Douglas Fir, Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch, Alder, Black Locust, Linden, Willow, Poplar, Aspen, Maple and Hornbeam.

Schedule of timber sale for individual Forest Ranges:

Addresses of individual forest ranges. 

Sale of seedlings

Seedlings are sold at the office of Forest District Inspectorate, at Forest Economy Department. Here we accept purchase orders for a specific number of seedlings and specify date of collecting the ordered seedlings from the nursery farm in Krzywczyce.

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